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About the charity foundation "Hayra Good"
The Pure Hearts Charitable Foundation was founded in 2013 with the aim of helping people in need and supporting low-income families.

Now we help children and adolescents with disabilities, as well as children and adolescents from low-income families in obtaining additional or basic education and developing healthy thinking in the younger generation.

Today we have more than 80 participants.

We are happy and open to new members and to those who want to help. Our mission is to help the young generation have unlimited opportunities. Help us help others!
Help children in need
Every donation has value
Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that every child has unlimited opportunities. Children suffer from a lack of medical support and education.

With your participation, we can give them the future they deserve

Education is an important part of our country. We will help underprivileged teenagers go to the university of their dreams.
We help children and adolescents with disabilities find a new life by helping them with treatment
Train children from low-income families in professional skills that will be useful in their future life. Children often really want to go to clubs, English courses and drawing lessons. So let's help them!

We help children find their dreams and make them

a reality

Our current project

Our work is aimed at providing children with opportunities for a better standard of living, education and development

Treatment of children with cerebral palsy and mental retardation: August 9, 2021

You can become a hero in the life of a child in need. You can give a future, help you grow up healthy, educated
Completed projects
We would like to thank everyone who helped us implement these projects and improve the lives of children
We are glad to anyone who wants to provide any help
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Every donation has value
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