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Rehabilitation of children with disabilities

Purpose: craniosacral therapy technique + osteopathy techniques - rehabilitation and support of additional manipulations for the treatment of children with disabilities

Description: children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, etc. need treatment and we offer in the field of cranioscale therapy - this is a modern method of osteopathy based on the hypothesis of the mobility of the bones of the human skull, affecting the condition and functionality of organs and systems.
Recipients: 6 children receive treatment from the Fund - Cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, ZPR and oligophrenia

The amount of the fee: 288,000 tenge collected and paid, 375150 tenge on the account in the fund
By the end of the year, it is still necessary to collect 200850 tenge

These are the kids we rehabilitate
1. Dzhaylaubekova Latifa Armanovna, down syndrome, heart defect
2. Myasnikov Yuri Anatolyevich-severe cerebral palsy
3. Mustafa Mukhammedzhan ZPR
4. Mustafa Rakhymzhan affective respiratory syndrome
5. Hasanov Ismail Rafaelovich
diagnosis:spastic diplegia
6. Kuryaev Yaroslav Romanovich: epilepsy, zprr, spasticity